2017 Fantasy Supercross Leaderboard

FantasySX 2017 450SX Supercross League Standings

Current standings for the 2017 FantasySX Fantasy Supercross League season to date.

2017 Supercross Championship 450

Atvjerry1 2415012015014500110000000000699
imphenzia2 0010575105000000000000285
JDubuH3 221056500000000000000192
Andax1664 0013500000000000000135
wtrdude275 0130000000000000000130
dovcheese6 47000000000000000047
Hcorby16 47000000000000000047
Bdub068 40000000000000000040
Whyknot849 00200000000000000020

Fantasy Supercross League – How To Play

Select your top ten picks for each round of AMA Supercross: Play Fantasy Supercross Game

Fantasy Supercross Points are awarded for each correct position. Ten points for first place, nine points for second place, …, 1 point for tenth place.

Fantasy SX league results are posted after each round.

Play for fun. Invite your friends.

Thanks for playing.

Jason Hennessey
Twitter: @fantasysx

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